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AXO Replacement Soles

AXO Traditional MX Outsoles are available in one colour way and three different sizes

AXO MX Bonded Sole Kits are available in two colour ways and are size specific for boots


* Stock is not necessarily in store and may be located in the warehouse.
   Please contact us for in-store availability.

Part #DescriptionAvailable OnlineRRPOur PriceOrder
AXO-9010-05-620AXO MX TRAD OUT SOLE MYes *59.9559.95
AXO-9010-05-630AXO MX TRAD OUT SOLE LYes *59.9559.95
AXO-90150-05-08AXO MX BONDED SOLE KIT 8 BLKYes *59.9559.95
AXO-90150-05-10AXO MX BONDED SOLE KIT 10 BLKYes *59.9559.95
AXO-90150-05-11AXO MX BONDED SOLE KIT 11 BLKYes *59.9559.95
AXO-90150-05-12AXO MX BONDED SOLE KIT 12 BLKYes *59.9559.95
AXO-90150-82-06AXO MX BONDED SOLE KIT SIZE 6Yes *59.9559.95
AXO-90150-82-07AXO MX BONDED SOLE KIT SIZE 7Yes *59.9559.95
AXO-90150-82-08AXO MX BONDED SOLE KIT SIZE 8Yes *59.9559.95
AXO-90150-82-09AXO MX BONDED SOLE KIT SIZE 9Yes *59.9559.95
AXO-90150-82-10AXO MX BONDED SOLE KIT SIZE 10Yes *59.9559.95
AXO-90150-82-12AXO MX BONDED SOLE KIT SIZE 12Yes *59.9559.95
AXO-90150-82-13AXO MX BONDED SOLE KIT SIZE 13Yes *59.9559.95
AXO-9007-05-000AXO PRIMATO HEEL INSERTYes *39.9539.95