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The best helmet for any use, made from technologies developed for MotoGP™.

AGV fulfill all of your motorcycle helmet needs by harvesting the best characteristics from sport and touring helmets and infusing them into the AGV K6 Helmet. Its shell is comprised of carbon and aramid fibres for excellent protection - the K6's protective capacity is 48% higher than that required by legislation. All this plus lightness like none other. The helmet's versatility comes from its aerodynamic shape that works well in any riding position. Four different shell sizes allow for a broad size range to better fit your particular head circumference and shape. Moisture wicking liners absorb sweat to keep you comfortable on extended rides. The AGV K6 Helmet is the culmination of all of AGV's road helmet technology to create a single helmet for all riders. 


  • Carbon-aramid shell
  • 4 shell sizes: XS-SM, MS, ML-LG, XL-2XL
  • 5 density EPS in 4 sizes
  • Collarbone safe profile
  • 5 adjustable front vents
  • 1 wide rear vent
  • Shell shaped designed to reduce turbulence and optimized for all riding positions
  • Ritmo and Shalimar fabric cheek pads
  • Shalimar fabric head liner
  • Abrasion and water resistance neck roll for extra durability
  • 2Dry moisture wicking system
  • Eyeglasses friendly fit
  • Removable breath guard included
  • K6 helmet specific 4mm thick, anti-scratch Pinlock-ready visor
  • Pinlock lens insert included
  • Innovative shield pivot reduces size and weight
  • Double-D chinstrap
  • DOT and ECE approved

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Part #DescriptionAvailable OnlineRRPOur PriceOrder
HMA253880154AGV K6 [SECRET BLACK/WHITE] 54 XSNo899.00899.00
HMA253880156AGV K6 [SECRET BLACK/WHITE] 56 SNo899.00899.00
HMA253880157AGV K6 [SECRET BLACK/WHITE] 57 MSNo899.00899.00
HMA253880158AGV K6 [SECRET BLACK/WHITE] 58 MLNo899.00899.00
HMA253880160AGV K6 [SECRET BLACK/WHITE] 60 LNo899.00899.00
HMA253880162AGV K6 [SECRET BLACK/WHITE] 62 XLNo899.00899.00
HMA253880164AGV K6 [SECRET BLACK/WHITE] 64 2XLNo899.00899.00
216301A2MY-002-004AGV K6 [RUSH BLACK/RED] 54 XSNo899.00899.00
216301A2MY-002-005AGV K6 [RUSH BLACK/RED] 56 SNo899.00899.00
216301A2MY-002-006AGV K6 [RUSH BLACK/RED] 57 MSNo899.00899.00
216301A2MY-002-008AGV K6 [RUSH BLACK/RED] 58 MLNo899.00899.00
216301A2MY-002-009AGV K6 [RUSH BLACK/RED] 60 LNo899.00899.00
216301A2MY-002-010AGV K6 [RUSH BLACK/RED] 62 XLNo899.00899.00
216301A2MY-002-011AGV K6 [RUSH BLACK/RED] 64 2XLNo899.00899.00
206301A4MY-004-004AGV K6 [NARDO GREY] 54 XSNo839.00839.00
206301A4MY-004-005AGV K6 [NARDO GREY] 56 SNo839.00839.00
206301A4MY-004-006AGV K6 [NARDO GREY] 58 MSNo839.00839.00
206301A4MY-004-008AGV K6 [NARDO GREY] 60 MLNo839.00839.00
206301A4MY-004-009AGV K6 [NARDO GREY] 61 LNo839.00839.00
206301A4MY-004-010AGV K6 [NARDO GREY] 62 XLNo839.00839.00
206301A4MY-004-011AGV K6 [NARDO GREY] 64 2XLNo839.00839.00
206301A4MY-002-004AGV K6 [MATT BLACK] 54 XSNo839.00839.00
206301A4MY-002-005AGV K6 [MATT BLACK] 56 SNo839.00839.00
206301A4MY-002-006AGV K6 [MATT BLACK] 57 MSNo839.00839.00
206301A4MY-002-008AGV K6 [MATT BLACK] 58 MLNo839.00839.00
206301A4MY-002-009AGV K6 [MATT BLACK] 60 LNo839.00839.00
206301A4MY-002-010AGV K6 [MATT BLACK] 62 XLNo839.00839.00
206301A4MY-002-011AGV K6 [MATT BLACK] 64 2XLNo839.00839.00
20KV32M1B1-001AGV SP1 PINLOCK VISOR K6 [CLEAR] NSNo137.00137.00
20KV32M1N1-001AGV SP1 PINLOCK VISOR K6 [DARK TINTED 80%] NSNo159.00159.00
20KIT63001-001AGV SP1 MAX PINLOCK LENS 120 INSERT DKS246 [CLEAR] NSNo69.0069.00
20KIT93001-001AGV ARK BLUETOOTH UNIT [NC] NSNo530.00530.00
20KIT93002-001AGV ARK REMOTE CONTROL [NC] NSNo196.00196.00
20KIT93012-001AGV ARK INTERCOM ADAPTER K6 [NC] XS/SNo23.0023.00
20KIT93013-001AGV ARK INTERCOM ADAPTER K6 [NC] MSNo23.0023.00
20KIT93014-001AGV ARK INTERCOM ADAPTER K6 [NC] ML/LNo23.0023.00
20KIT93015-001AGV ARK INTERCOM ADAPTER K6 [NC] XL/2XLNo23.0023.00