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AGV’s latest version of this premium sport helmet now features a new construction for the inner liner, designed with high-performance fabrics and with no stitching in sensitive areas, making for an extremely comfortable fit.
The lightweight shell is made from a carbonfiberglass mix, while stability and aerodynamic performance are maximized thanks to an incorporated spoiler.
The Integrated Ventilation System (IVS) has vents that are hollowed into the shell, and there’s also an internal drop-down sun visor, a removable nose guard and a new wind protector that keeps noise to a minimum.


  • Shell in CAF (carbon-fiberglass)
  • IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) with channels hollowed directly in the shell
  • Double D retention system
  • Sun visor
  • Multi Density EPS
  • The internal shape of the helmet was specifically designed to decrease the risk damage to the collar bones in the event of a fall
  • Patented XQRS (Extra Quick Release System) visor mechanism in metal for very fast tool-free removal
  • The visor is fitted with a patented micro-opening system
  • Visor GT2 (ML-L-XL-XXL sizes) and GT2-1 (XS-S-MS sizes)
  • Integrated spoiler
  • Rear air extractors can be opened and closed
  • Central air vent for optimal air flow
  • Pinlock included in the box

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Part #DescriptionAvailable OnlineRRPOur PriceOrder
HMA254900M54AGV K-5 S [MATT BLACK] 54 XSNo639.00639.00
LVLAGV254900M56AGV K-5S MATT BLK 56 SMYes *639.00639.00
LVLHMA254900M57AGV K5S HELMET MATT BLK 57 MSYes *619.00619.00
LVLHMA254900M58AGV K5S HELMET MATT BLK 58 MLYes *639.00639.00
LVLHMA254900M60AGV K5S HELMET MATT BLK 60 LGNo639.00639.00
AHAGV254900M62AGV K-5S MATT BLK 62 XLNo639.00639.00
HMA254900M64AGV K-5 S [MATT BLACK] 64 XXLNo639.00639.00
20KIT93002-001AGV ARK REMOTE CONTROL [NC] NSNo196.00196.00
LVLKIT93010001AGV INTERCOM ADAP K5 XS-XLYes *23.0023.00
LVLKIT93011001AGV INTERCOM ADAP K5 ML-2XLYes *23.0023.00
LVL41A0NY001006HELMET AGV K5 S FAST 46 57 MSYes *669.00669.00
LVL41A0NY001008HELMET AGV K5 S FAST 46 58 MLYes *669.00669.00
LVL41A0NY001009HELMET AGV K5 S FAST 46 60 LYes *669.00669.00
LVL41A0NY001010HELMET AGV K5 S FAST 46 62 XLYes *669.00669.00
210041A2MY-050-005AGV K5 S [TEMPEST BLACK/RED] 56 SNo669.00669.00
LVL41A2MY050006HELMET AGV K5 S TEMP BK/RD MSYes *669.00669.00
LVL41A2MY050008HELMET AGV K5 S TEMP BK/RD MLYes *669.00669.00
LVL41A2MY050009HELMET AGV K5 S TEMP BK/RD LGYes *669.00669.00
LVL41A2MY050010HELMET AGV K5 S TEMP BK/RD XLYes *669.00669.00
LVL41A2MY051004HELMET AGV K5 S TEMP BK/SI XSYes *669.00669.00
LVL41A2MY051005HELMET AGV K5 S TEMP BK/SI SMYes *669.00669.00
LVL41A2MY051006HELMET AGV K5 S TEMP BK/SI MSYes *669.00669.00
LVL41A2MY051008HELMET AGV K5 S TEMP BK/SI MLYes *669.00669.00
LVL41A2MY051009HELMET AGV K5 S TEMP BK/SI LGYes *669.00669.00
LVL41A2MY051010HELMET AGV K5 S TEMP BK/SI XLYes *669.00669.00
LVL41A2MY051011HELMET AGV K5 S TEMP BK/SI 2XLYes *669.00669.00