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The AGV AX-9 Helmet is an all-new design over the popular AX-8 Dual EVO Helmet. It starts with an ultra-lightweight 100% carbon fibre shell (carbon-aramid in Trail/Orange graphic) and a redesigned peak for optimal aerodynamics. The peak itself is adjustable to reduce the sail effect at high speeds. Superior ventilation is achieved with 5 total vents: an adjustable chin-vent, two brow inlets and 2 extractors.  The design of this helmet also allows for four different configurations --  peak / visor, no peak / visor, peak / goggles, no peak / goggles -- meaning it can handle practically any riding scenario.

On the inside, the helmet has a fit to allow for comfort while wearing glasses and the padding is treated for optimal comfort. The cheek pads and top liner are moisture wicking and the neckroll is water resistant to prevent water from getting inside the helmet.


  • 100% Carbon Fibre Shell (Matt Carbon)
  • Carbon-Aramid Fibreglass (Trail Gunmetal/Orange)
  • Three shell sizes: XS-MS, ML-XL, 2XL
  • Tool-less, removable chin vent guard
  • Five vents: adjustable chin-vent, two brow inlets, 2 extractors
  • Panoramic, Pinlock-ready visor 
  • Adjustable peak to reduce sail effect
  • Double-D strap
  • Speaker pockets

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Part #DescriptionAvailable OnlineRRPOur PriceOrder
217631A2LY-001-005AGV AX9 [MATT CARBON] 56 SNo1099.001099.00
217631A2LY-001-006AGV AX9 [MATT CARBON] 57 MSNo1099.001099.00
217631A2LY-001-008AGV AX9 [MATT CARBON] 58 MLNo1099.001099.00
217631A2LY-001-009AGV AX9 [MATT CARBON] 60 LNo1099.001099.00
217631A2LY-001-010AGV AX9 [MATT CARBON] 62 XLNo1099.001099.00
217631A2LY-001-011AGV AX9 [MATT CARBON] 64 2XLNo1099.001099.00
217631A2LY-010-005AGV AX9 [TRAIL GUNMETAL/ORANGE] 56 SNo899.00899.00
217631A2LY-010-006AGV AX9 [TRAIL GUNMETAL/ORANGE] 57 MSNo899.00899.00
217631A2LY-010-008AGV AX9 [TRAIL GUNMETAL/ORANGE] 58 MLNo899.00899.00
217631A2LY-010-009AGV AX9 [TRAIL GUNMETAL/ORANGE] 60 LNo899.00899.00
217631A2LY-010-010AGV AX9 [TRAIL GUNMETAL/ORANGE] 62 XLNo899.00899.00
217631A2LY-010-011AGV AX9 [TRAIL GUNMETAL/ORANGE] 64 2XLNo899.00899.00
20KIT76304-999AGV AX9 MAX PINLOCK LENS 70 INSERT DKS224 [CLEAR] NSNo69.0069.00
20KV30L1N1-001AGV AX9 PINLOCK VISOR [DARK TINTED 80%] NSNo128.00128.00
20KV30L1N1-003AGV AX9 VISOR [IRIDIUM GOLD] NSNo128.00128.00
20KIT93001-001AGV ARK BLUETOOTH UNIT [NC] NSNo530.00530.00
20KIT93002-001AGV ARK REMOTE CONTROL [NC] NSNo196.00196.00