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Bel-Ray EXP Synthetic Ester Blend 4T Engine Oil

Bel-Ray® EXP Synthetic Ester Blend 4T Engine Oil is a 4-stroke motrocycle oil that combines the finest quality synthetic oils with select mineral base oils ensuring the highest level of protection for all 4-stroke motorcycles. Contains shear resistant VI improvers to resist viscosity breakdown. Meets the performance requirements of API SN and JASO MA2. Suitable for air-cooled/liquid-cooled 4-stroke engines and wet clutches.


  • For use in all 4-stroke engines requiring an oil meeting the API SG/SH/SJ/SL/SM/SN standards
  • For use in all 4-stroke motorcycles with or without wet clutches including those specifying the use of a JASO MA/MA1/MA2 qualified oil
  • Use in all 4-stroke motorcycle engines with or without wet clutches

Features and Benefits:

Superior anti-wear. Reduced cylinder and ring wear. Longer bearing life. Superior deposit control. Cleans deposits. Controls sludge and varnish formation. Keeps ring lands and grooves free of carbon build-up. Semi-synthetic blend provide the cost-effectiveness of a mineral based motor oil and a high performance synthetic. High viscosity stability The shear stability provides superior lubrication and film strength. Minimizes friction for maximum power. Smooth power transfer Prevents clutch grabbing for an easily controlled and efficient gear shifting and clutch operation.

  • Product No. 99110 - SAE Grade 10W-30
  • Product No.99120 - SAE Grade 10W-40
  • Product No.99130 - SAE Grade 15W-50
  • Product No.99131 - SAE Grade 20W-50

More Info:

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Part #DescriptionAvailable OnlineRRPOur PriceOrder
BR-99120-B1LWBelRay EXP SynEst 10W40 1LtrYes *25.9525.95
BR-99120-B4LWBelRay EXP SynEst 10W40 4LtrYes *79.9579.95
BR-99120-KTWBelRay EXP SynEst 10W40 60LtrNo999.00999.00
BR-99120-DTWBelRay EXP SynEst 10W40 208LtYes *2999.002999.00
BR-99130-B1LWBelRay EXP SynEst 15W50 1LtrYes *25.9525.95
BR-99130-B4LWBelRay EXP SynEst 15W50 4LtrYes *79.9579.95
BR-99130-DTWBelRay EXP SynEst 15W50 208LYes *2895.002895.00
BR-99131-B1LWEXP SYN EST BLD 4T E/O 20W-50Yes *25.9525.95
BR-99161-B1LWBelRay EXS SynEst 10W40 1LtrYes *39.9539.95
BR-99161-B4LWBelRay EXS SynEst 10W40 4LtrYes *149.00149.00