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Bel-Ray EXL Mineral 4T Engine Oil

Bel-Ray® EXL Mineral 4T Engine Oil is a premium 4-stroke motorcycle oil. Meets the performance requirements of API SN and JASO MA2. Suitable for air-cooled/liquid-cooled 4-stroke engines and wet clutches..

  • For use in all 4-stroke engines requiring an oil meeting the API SG/SH/SJ/SL/SM/SN standards
  • For use in all 4-stroke motorcycles with or without wet clutches including those specifying the use of a JASO MA/MA1/MA2 qualified oil
  • Provides cost-effective, superior performance protection and reliable all-season use
  • Use in all 4-stroke motorcycle engines with or without wet clutches    

Features and Benefits:

  • Quality engine protection - Bel-Ray anti-wear chemistry reduces bearing and valve-train wear.  Prevents scuffing.
  • Superior deposit control - Cleans deposits. Controls sludge and varnish formation.  Keeps ring lands and grooves free of carbon build-up.
  • Economical protection - Provides cost-effective lubrication protection of engines and transmissions.
  • Smooth power transfer - Prevents clutch grabbing for an easily controlled and efficient gear shifting and clutch operation.

Can be used where Bel-Ray recommend using ATV Trail Mineral 4T Engine Oil (99040 and 99050)

BR-99040-B1LW BR-99040-B4LW BR-99050-B1LW BR-99050-B4LW

More Info:

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Part #DescriptionAvailable OnlineRRPOur PriceOrder
BR-99090-B1LWBelRay EXL 10W40 1LtrYes *19.9519.95
BR-99090-B4LWBelRay EXL 10W40 4LtrYes *59.9559.95
BR-99090-DTWBelRay EXL 10W40 208LtrYes *2195.002195.00
BR-99100-B1LWBelRay EXL 20W50 4T 1LtrYes *19.9519.95
BR-99100-B4LWBelRay EXL 20W50 4T 4LtrYes *64.9564.95
BR-99100-KTW#BelRay EXL 20W50 4T 60LtrYes *799.00799.00
BR-99100-DTWBelRay EXL 20W50 4T 208LtrYes *2195.002195.00