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Athena High Performance Racing Piston

Athena has engineered a new line of high performance racing pistons specifically designed for all off-road bikes.  They are produced with the latest technologies and hold the industries tightest tolerances.  They are made using aluminium alloys that have the perfect balance of nickel, copper, and silicon offering exceptional characteristics of lightness and endurance.  The result is better engine performance and durability.  Available for most off-road 4 stroke bikes. 

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Part #DescriptionAvailable OnlineRRPOur PriceOrder
GAP S4F07680007BATHENA FORGED PISTON CRF250 DIAM. 76.76 HC 10-11Yes *299.00299.00
GAP S4F07700002BATHENA FORGED PISTON YZ250F DIAM. 76.97 '01-07Yes *299.00299.00
GAP S4F07700002CATHENA FORGED PISTON YZ250F DIAM. 76.98 '01-07Yes *299.00299.00
GAP S4F07700010BATHENA FORGED PISTON RMZ250 DIAM. 76.96 HC '07-09Yes *299.00299.00
GAP S4F07700010CATHENA FORGED PISTON RMZ250 DIAM. 76.97 HC '07-09Yes *299.00299.00
GAP S4F07700017BATHENA FORGED PISTON KX250F DIAM. 76.97 HC '07-11Yes *299.00299.00
GAP S4F07700020BATHENA FORGED PISTON YZ250F DIAM. 76.97 HC '08-12Yes *299.00299.00
GAP S4F07800003BATHENA FORGED PISTION CRF250 X DIAM. 77.97 HC '04-09Yes *299.00299.00
GAP S4F0780003CATHENA FORGED PISTION CRF250 X DIAM. 77.98 HC '04-09Yes *299.00299.00
GAP S4F09500021AATHENA FORGED PISTON YZ250F DIAM. 94.94 HC '03-09Yes *349.00349.00
GAP S4F09600010BFORGED PISTON CRF450 r DIAM. 95.98 HC '02-08Yes *349.00349.00
GAP S4F09600010CFORGED PISTON CRF450 DIAM. 95;98 HC '02-08Yes *349.00349.00
GAP S4F09600013BATHENA FORGED PISTON RMZ450 DIAM. 95.97 HC '08-11Yes *339.00339.00
GAP S4F09600018BATHENA FORGED PISTON KX450F DIAM. 95.97 HC '09-14Yes *329.00329.00
GAP S4F09700018BATHENA FORGED PISTON YZ450F DIAM. 96.97 HC '10-13Yes *339.00339.00