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Big Gun Rev Boxes

Big Gun Statement:

All Big Gun Rev Boxes are designed to enhance the rev limiter from 1,000 rpm on most models to 3,000 rpm on others.  By allowing the RPM of the machine to go over its normal low setting allows the engines to build the actual horsepower that they were designed for.  By moving the rev limit up we have been able to pick up 1-3hp depending on the model.

We keep in mind that by eliminating the rev limiter this would only cause problems with bent valves and damaged motors this is why we have chosen to keep the rev limiter in place but to move it into a higher and still safe level of RPM.  The other nice benefit of the Big Gun Rev Boxes is that we have advanced the timing allowing the motor to rev and pull stronger. 


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Part #DescriptionAvailable OnlineRRPOur PriceOrder
BG-40-R05CBIG GUN REV BOX RAPTOR 660 04Yes *669.00115.00
BG-40-R09BIG GUN REV BOX KFX700Yes *469.00469.00
BG-40-R10BIG GUN REV BOX PREDATOR 500Yes *599.00599.00
BG-40-R10ABIG GUN 05 PREDATOR 500 REV BXYes *369.00369.00
BG-40-R11ABIG GUN TRX450 REV BOX 1200RPMYes *509.00509.00
BG-40-R12BIG GUN RMZ/KFX250F 04 REVYes *339.00339.00
BG-40-R13BIG GUN REV BOX YZ450 03-06Yes *669.00669.00
BG-40-R53BIG GUN KAW KFX450 07 TFI POWRYes *659.00659.00