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Avon Cobra Chrome


  • Avon Chrome Cobra Cruiser Tyres

    Definately one of the most popular custom bike tyres in this country, if not the world, the Avon Cobra has been for many, the first tyre of choice. Despite it's genuine success, things move on, motorcycles become faster, riders demand more grip and comfort with agility and handling becoming vital, making the progress of tyres inevitable.

    The unique designed that has characterised the Cobra is visible in the new Cobra Chrome featuring the bespoke snake skin appearance and embossed cobra head logo.

    The improvement is not just in the visible part, but more in the enhanced compounds and new construction which deliver improved stopping distances in wet braking conditions. Avon's latest tech pattern and advanced construction also produces over 5% larger tyre footprint compared to the Avon Cobra.

    The Avon Cobra Chrome range will contain fitments for Harley Davidson V-Rod, Triumph Rocket III, Honda Goldwing and Valkyrie plus other sizes for various custom bike applications

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Part #DescriptionAvailable OnlineRRPOur PriceOrder
R151708AVAV92BRAVON R 170/80B15 CBRCHR RYes *299.002999.00
R151708AVAV92WWAVON R 170/80-15 CBRCH WWRNo304.33304.22
R161409AVAV92BIAVON R 140/90B16 CBRCH RYes *300.00300.00
R161409AVAV92WWAVON R 140/90R16 CBRCHRWWRNo329.00329.00
R161508AVAV91FAVON R 150/80 16 COBRA CHRFNo300.00300.00
R161508AVAV91WWAVON R 150/80-16 CBRCHR WWFNo399.00399.00
R161508AVAV92 RAVON R 150/80R16 CBRCHR RNo370.00370.00
R161508AVAV92BWAVON R 150/80B16 CBRCHR RNo375.00375.00
R161608AVAV92RAVON R 160/80B16 CBRCHR RNo350.00350.00
R161806AV92RWWAVON R 180/65 16 CBRCHR WWRNo439.00439.00
R161806AVAV92BRAVON R 180/65 B16 CBRCHR RNo400.00400.00
R161807AVAV92RAVON R 180/70 R16 CBRCHR RNo422.00422.00
R1624050AVAV92AVON R 240/50 16 CBRCHR RNo547.77547.77
R16MT90AVAV91AVON R MT90 16 CBRACHR FNo259.00259.00
R16MT90AVAV91WWAVON R MT90 16 CBRACHRWFYes *295.00295.00
R16MT90AVAV92BIAVON R MT90 B16 CBRACHR RYes *295.00295.00
R16MT90AVAV92WWAVON R MT90 16 CBRCHRWW RNo349.00349.00
R171508AV91CB FAVON R 150/80 B17 CBRCHR FYes *369.00369.00
R171607AVAV92AVON R 160/70-17 CBRCHR RNo329.00329.00
R171906AVAV92VRAVON R 190/60 R17 CBRCHR RYes *415.00415.00
R172005AVAV92RAVON R 200/50 R17 CBRCHR RYes *395.00395.00
R172005AVAV92VRAVON R 200/55R17 CBRCHR RNo495.00495.00
R181307AVAV91AVON R 130/70-18 CBRCHR FNo270.00270.00
R181307AVAV91BFAVON R 130/70 B18 CBRCHR FNo342.00343.00
R181307AVAV91VAVON R 130/70 V18 CBRCHR FYes *269.00269.00
R181805AVAV92AVON R 180/55 18 CBRCHR RNo383.34383.34
R182005AVAV92AVON R 200/55-18 CBRCHR RYes *395.00395.00
R182404AVAV92AVON R 240/40VR18 CBRCHR RYes *498.00498.00
R1910096AVAV91AVON R 100/90 19 CBRCHR FNo229.00229.00
R1910096AVAV91WAVON R 100/90 19 CBRCHR WWFNo225.56225.56
R191207AVAV91AVON R 120/70 19 CBRCHR FNo329.00329.00
R191306AV91AVON R 130/60 19 CBRCHR FYes *289.71289.71
R211306AVAV91AVON R 130/60 21 CBRCHR FNo299.00299.00
R219090AVAV91AVON R 90/90-21 CBRCHR FYes *235.94235.94
R21MH90AVAV91 FAVON R MH90 21 CHROME FYes *239.00239.00
R231306AVAV91AVON R 130/60-23 CBRCHR FYes *275.49275.49