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Conti Trail Attack3

The all-new ContiTrailAttack 3 delivers next generation performance for riders of predominantly road going adventure motorcycles.

Handmade in Germany, the CTA3 features an upgraded version of the RainGrip compound, and reaches its optimum temperature after just 1,500 metres of riding for maximum rider security.

The revised tread pattern shifts more water from around the contact patch, which has led to an increase in wet weather grip. Combined with MutliGrip & Easy Handling Technology direct from the test winning ContiRoadAttack 3, to create an adventure touring tyre which offers agile, accurate and predictable handling at all times, allowing you to make the most of your bike, even when fully loaded.

A series of internal tests have been carried out, under realistic touring conditions, on a BMW R1200GS, which showed that after 3,500 kilometres, the ContiRoadAttack 3 had more remaining tread than a leading competitor tyre.

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Part #DescriptionAvailable OnlineRRPOur PriceOrder
C1712070CTA3120/70-17 ZR 58W TL CTA3 ContiTrailAttack Tyres []No349.50349.50
C1712090CTA3120/90-17 64S TL CTA3 Rear ContiTrailAttack3 Tyre [A]Yes *229.00229.00
C1713080CTA3130/80-17 65H TL CTA3 Rear ContiTrailAttack3 Tyre [C]Yes *259.00259.00
C1714080CTA3140/80-17 R 69V TL CTA3 Rear ContiTrailAttack3 Tyre []No364.00364.00
C1715070CTA3150/70-17 R 69V TL CTA3 ContiTrailAttack3Tyre [A]Yes *369.00369.00
C1717060CTA3170/60-17 R 72V TL CTA3 Rear ContiTrailAttack3 Tyre []No386.00386.00
C1718055CTA3180/55-17 ZR73W TL CTA3 ContiTrailAttack3 Tyre []No469.00469.00
C1719055CTA3190/55-17 ZR75W TL CTA3 Rear ContiTrailAttack3 Tyre [A]Yes *479.50479.50
C1814080CTA3140/80-18 70S TT CTA3 Rear ContiTrailAttack3 Tyres [AC]Yes *335.00335.00
C1815070CTA3150/70-18 ZR 70W TL CTA3 Rear ContiTrailAttack3 Tyres []No339.00339.00
C1910090CTA3100/90-19 57H TL CTA3 Front ContiTrailAttack3 Tyres []No289.00289.00
C1911080CTA3110/80-19 R 59V TL CTA3 Z ContiTrailAttack3 Z Tyres []No299.00299.00
C1912070CTA3120/70-19 F 60V TL CTA3 ContiTrailAttack3 Tyres [C]Yes *299.00299.00
C219090CTA390/90 V21 54V TL CTA3 ContiTrailAttack3 Tyres [A]Yes *269.00269.00
C219090CTA3TT90/90-21 54S TT CTA3 ContiTrailAttack3 Tyres [A]Yes *209.50209.50