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ZETA MX Glide Plate

Made of 5000 grade durable aluminium for motocross racing bikes.

Model specific design and fit

Oil drain hole allows for easy oil changes without the removal of glide plate


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Part #DescriptionAvailable OnlineRRPOur PriceOrder
DF-ZE55-3111ZETA MX GLIDE PLATE CRF250No129.00129.00
DF-ZE55-3112ZETA MX GLIDE PLATE CRF250 '10Yes *129.0064.50
DF-ZE55-3113ZETA MX GLIDE PLATE CRF250 14-Yes *129.00129.00
DF-ZE55-3132ZETA MX GLIDE PLATE CRF450 '09Yes *129.0064.50
DF-ZE55-3212ZETA MX GLIDE PLATE KXF250 '09Yes *129.00129.00
DF-ZE55-3232ZETA MX GLIDE PLATE KXF450 '09Yes *129.00129.00
DF-ZE55-3311ZETA MX GLIDE PLATE RMZ250 '07No129.00129.00
DF-ZE55-3331ZETA MX GLIDE PLATE RMZ450 '08Yes *129.00129.00
DF-ZE55-3412ZETA MX GLIDE PLATE YZ250F '10Yes *129.0064.50
DF-ZE55-3431ZETA MX GLIDE PLATE YZ450FYes *129.00129.00
DF-ZE55-3432ZETA MX GLIDE PLATE YZ450F '10Yes *129.00129.00
DF-ZE55-3433ZETA GLIDE PLATE YZ250/450F 14Yes *129.00129.00
DF-ZE55-3511#ZETA MX GLIDE PLATE KTM250SXFNo129.00129.00
DF-ZE55-3512ZETA MX GLIDE PLATE KTM350 11No129.00129.00
DF-ZE55-3561ZETA MX GLIDE PLATE KTM 450SXFYes *129.0064.50