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Bridgestone Slicks - Race Tyres

If you want the best tire you can buy, with ultimate grip, feedback and feel, this is it!  Based upon Bridgestone MotoGP tire technology, the Bridgestone Slick offers the "factory rider" experience to track day riders and racers wanting it all!  Appropriate for fast intermediates up to expert racers who run tire warmers and have no DOT restrictions in their race classes.  Once you go to these tires, you won't go back!  These tires are responsible for more personal best lap times than we have seen with any other tire! 

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Part #DescriptionAvailable OnlineRRPOur PriceOrder
16.5X125/600BM01Z-MEDBRIDGESTONE 125/600R165 BM01Z ""MED"" SM.No276.00276.00
16.5X125/600BM01Z-SOFBRIDGESTONE 125/600R165 BM01Z "SOF" SM.Yes *229.00229.00
S171206BRR04ZDCB/STONE S 120/600 17 R04Z YDCYes *264.17264.17
S171256BRMR09XB/STONE S 125/600R17 MR09 YCXYes *357.10357.10
17X125/600R09AZ-YDCBRIDGESTONE 125/600R17 R09AZ "YDC" ULTRA SOFT SLICKNo229.00229.00
17X165/625BM04Z-MEDBRIDGESTONE 165/625R17 BM04Z ""MED"" SMOTARDYes *319.00319.00
S171656BRR02YCXB/STONE S 165/630 17 R02Z SOFTYes *357.13357.13
17X165/630R02Z-YCYBRIDGESTONE 165/630R17 R02Z "YCY" MED SLICKYes *299.00299.00
17X180/640R04-YCXBRIDGESTONE 180/640R17 R04 "YCX" SOFT SLICKYes *407.86407.86
17X190/650V01-MEDBRIDGESTONE 190/650R17 V01 REAR "MED"No419.00419.00
17X190/650V01-SOFTBRIDGESTONE 190/650R17 V01 REAR "SOFT"Yes *399.00399.00
17X90/580R03Z-YCXBRIDGESTONE 90/580R17 R03Z "YCX" SOFT SLICKNo189.00189.00
17X90/580R03Z-YDCBRIDGESTONE 90/580R17 R03Z "YDC" ULTRA SOFT SLICKNo221.39221.39