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Metzeler ME880 Marathon - Custom Touring Tyre

Premium line dedicated to cruiser and heavy touring bikes, featuring high-tech construction with fashionable design. Because it's not how long you ride, but how you ride that matters!

  • New radial (R) and bias-ply fitments, with a huge range of sizes including the massive XXL custom tyre series – The biggest range of sizes on the market.
  • High Silica compound for improved grip in all riding conditions.
  • Machine-specific carcass construction for exceptional riding comfort and stability at all speeds, even under heavy loads.
  • Optimized tread pattern design with offset central grooves, providing excellent wet weather performance and extended mileage.
  • Tyre contour engineered so when fitted as a matched set, the ME880 Marathon delivers predictable, progressive and more nimble handling behaviour, along with uniform tread wear.
  • Other sizes are available, so contact us for any size not listed below.


* Stock is not necessarily in store and may be located in the warehouse.
   Please contact us for in-store availability.

Part #DescriptionAvailable OnlineRRPOur PriceOrder
R151705MEME880WMETZ R 170/50 15ME880WWNo450.52450.52
R161309MEME880METZ R 130/90 H16 CRTEC RYes *279.35279.35
R161309MEME880FMETZ R 130/90 H16 ME880F84FNo269.00269.00
R161508MEME880WMETZ R 150/80 H16 ME880F WWYes *412.00412.00
R161508MEME88RWMETZ R 150/80 H16 ME880 RWNo439.00439.00
R161806MEME880METZ R 180/60 16 ME880 RNo409.00409.00
R161807MEME880METZ R 180/70HR16 ME880 RANo429.00429.00
R162006MEME888RMETZ R 200/60VR16 ME888 RNo405.00405.00
R162405MEME880METZ R 240/50 16 ME880No515.00515.00
R171207ME880VMETZ R 120/70- 17 ME880 FBIYes *346.00346.00
R171208MEME880METZ R 120/80 H17 ME880 FRTNo329.00329.00
R171508MEME880METZ R 150/80VR17 ME880 FRONo359.00359.00
R171706MEME880METZ R 170/60 17 ME880RNo369.00369.00
R1720055MEME880METZ R 200/55 R17 ME880No439.00439.00
R172005MEME880METZ R 200/50 17 ME880No409.00409.00
R172105MEME880METZ R 210/50 R17 ME880No468.10468.10
R181606MEME880RMETZ R 160/60 18 ME880 RNo434.83434.83
R181805MEME880RMETZ R 180/55 H18 ME880 RYes *399.00399.00
R182005MEME880METZ R 200/50 18 ME880 RNo419.00419.00
R182604MEME880METZ R 260/40- 18 ME880RVRRNo525.00525.00
R182803MEME880METZ R 280/35 18 MEME888 RNo625.00625.00
R191207MEME880FMETZ R 120/70 -19 ME880FNo345.00345.00
R211207MEME880METZ R 120/70 21 ME880 FNo279.00279.00
R21126035ME880RMETZ R 260/35 VR21 ME880RNo819.00199.00
R219090MEME880METZ R 90/90 21 ME880 FNo189.00189.00
R21909MHMEME880METZ R MH90- H21 ME880 FNo219.00219.00
R241307MEME880FMETZ R 130/70 V24 ME880F TLYes *549.00199.00