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ENI Rotra Bike Range


Lubricants designed to satisfy the demands of manual gearboxes. Suitable to be used also for scooters. Its specific composition caters for a high protection of the gearings (in particular for long distances), as well as consistent performance in time.

Rotra Bike 80W-90 - Mineral

Rotra Bike Synth 75W-90 - Synthetic

Why use it?

  • Reduces friction and wear of the gearings
  • Protects from corrision and rust
  • Eliminates/reduces noise and vibrations
  • Prevents the formation of foam

Innovation, technology, excellence and customized quality for each type of motorcycle: this is ENI

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Part #DescriptionAvailable OnlineRRPOur PriceOrder
ENI-127550ENI ROTRA MP 80W90 20 LT SEYes *219.00219.00
ENI-127596ENI ROTRA MP 80W90 1 LT HDPEYes *14.9514.95
ENI-127650ENI ROTRA 85W140 20 LTYes *219.00219.00
ENI-127696ENI ROTRA 85W140 1 LTYes *14.9514.95
ENI-130796ENI ROTRA BIKE SYN 75W90 1LTYes *49.9549.95
ENI-132250ENI ROTRA BIKE MG 85W140 20 LTYes *499.00499.00