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DRC Radiator Hose Kits

Durable silicone radiator hoses for dirt bikes

Available for motocross, enduro and adventure bikes

The smoother inner diameter allows for increased coolant flow

Available kits come in red, blue and orange (as fitment allows) with a white printed DRC logo

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* Stock is not necessarily in store and may be located in the warehouse.
   Please contact us for in-store availability.

Part #DescriptionAvailable OnlineRRPOur PriceOrder
DF-D47-01-013#DRC RAD HOSE KIT CRF150 07-17Yes *89.9589.95
DF-D47-01-023DRC RAD HOSE KIT CRF450R 17 RDYes *129.00129.00
DF-D47-01-033DRC RAD HOSE KT CRF250R 16-REDYes *129.00129.00
DF-D47-01-103DRC RAD HOSE KIT CRF450 15 REDYes *129.00129.00
DF-D47-01-153DRC RADIATOR HOSE KIT CRF250RYes *119.00119.00
DF-D47-01-163DRC RAD HOSE KIT CRF450X 05-09Yes *129.00129.00
DF-D47-01-202DRC RAD HOSE KIT KX65 01-18Yes *79.9579.95
DF-D47-01-252DRC RAD HOSE KT KX250F 17 BLUENo89.9589.95
DF-D47-01-292DRC RADIATOR HOSE KIT KX450 16Yes *149.00149.00
DF-D47-01-302DRC RAD HOSE KIT KX450 19 BLUEYes *139.95139.95
DF-D47-01-453DRC RAD HOSE KIT RMZ250 2010Yes *129.00129.00
DF-D47-01-493DRC RAD HOSE KIT RMZ450 15 REDNo139.00139.00
DF-D47-01-502DRC RADIATOR HOSE KIT RMZ450Yes *159.00159.00
DF-D47-01-523#DRC RAD HOSE KIT DRZ400S/SM 0No99.9599.95
DF-D47-01-583DRC RAD HOSE KIT RM125 07-08Yes *129.00129.00
DF-D47-01-612DRC RAD HOSE KIT YZ85 19 BLUEYes *89.9589.95
DF-D47-01-672DRC RAD HOSE KIT YZ250F 19 BLUNo119.95119.95
DF-D47-01-702DRC RAD HOSE KIT YZ450 14-BLUEYes *109.00109.00
DF-D47-01-712DRC RAD HOSE KT YZ450FX 16-BLUYes *89.9589.95
DF-D47-01-723DRC RAD HOSE KIT WR250R 07-09Yes *109.00109.00
DF-D47-01-732DRC RADIATOR HOSE KIT YZ450FYes *109.00109.00
DF-D47-01-752DRC RAD HOSE KIT YZ250FX'15-BLYes *149.00149.00
DF-D47-01-807DRC RAD HOSE KIT KTM65SX 02-08Yes *79.9579.95
DF-D47-01-817DRC RAD HOSE KIT KTM85SX 04-12Yes *99.9599.95
DF-D47-01-827DRC RAD HOSE KIT KTM65SX 09-12Yes *99.9599.95
DF-D47-01-867DRC RAD HOSE KIT KTM450SXF/SMRYes *89.9589.95
DF-D47-01-877DRC RAD HOSE K KTM450SXF 11-12Yes *89.9589.95
DF-D47-01-878DRC RAD HOSE KIT KTM 450SXF 13Yes *89.9589.95
DF-D47-01-879DRC RAD HOSE KT KTM 450SXF 16-Yes *89.9589.95
DF-D47-01-897DRC RAD HOSE KIT KTM 250 EXCFYes *79.9579.95
DF-D47-01-927DRC RAD HOSE KIT KTM450/530EXCYes *109.00109.00
DF-D47-01-958RAD HOSE KT KTM250/350SX 16-ORNo89.9589.95
DF-D47-01-982RAD HOSE KT HUS TC125 14-15 BLYes *89.9589.95
DF-D47-01-983RAD HOSE KT HUSQ TC125 16- BLUYes *89.9589.95
DF-D47-01-987#DRC RAD HOSE KIT KTM125SX 07-Yes *89.9589.95
DF-D47-01-989RAD HOSE KT KTM 125/150 16- ORNo89.9589.95
DF-D47-01-997DRC RAD HOSE KIT KTM250SX 07-1Yes *109.00109.00
DF-D47-01-998#DRC RAD HOSE KIT KTM 250,300Yes *99.9599.95
DF-D47-01-999RAD HOSE KT KTM 250SX 17- ORGYes *89.9589.95
DF-D47-02-203#DRC RAD HOSE KIT HUSKY 11Yes *139.00139.00
DF-D47-02-233DRC RAD HOSE KIT GASGAS 07-10Yes *149.00149.00
DF-D47-02-243DRC RAD HOSE KIT GASGAS 11Yes *139.00139.00
DF-D47-02-633DRC RAD HOSE KIT APRILLIA 06-1No129.00129.00