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Michelin Junior Motocross

The Starcross Mini shares the same world-class racing technology that gives riders like Travis Pastrana a competitive edge. Now with the introduction of the StarCross Mini MH3, junior racers have a choice of tread patterns to handle any track surface.
Same tread patterns as the full size StarCross, staggered shoulder knobs chisel into the track, for superb cornering traction at lean angles from moderate to extreme.
Choice of tread patterns, MS3 for soft to intermediate terrain, new MH3 intermediate to hard tracks.
Jagged Knobs increase the number of biting edges, for aggressive penetration of the racing surface.
Resists tearing and chunking even on concrete starts, with reinforced centre knobs for maximum forward drive.
Treadwear indicator clearly shows when it’s time  to reverse the tyre on the rim. Mirror image knobs provide equal traction when the tyre is reversed on the rim. Super stiff sidewalls for high impact shock absorption on landings.

PRO TIP FOR MH3 and MS2 tyres: Junior Starcross MH3 and MS2 - based on the same technology of the adult Starcross series, these junior tyres deliver performance with a punch. The MS2 is virtually the same tyre as the MS3 but for all junior applications from KTM 50's through to Big Wheel 85's and CRF150's. The MH3 is idea for harder summer conditions.

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Part #DescriptionAvailable OnlineRRPOur PriceOrder
D10250 MIMS2#MICH D 250 10 MS3 JNRYes *69.0069.00
D10275 MIMS2#MICH D 275 10 MS3 JNRYes *85.0085.00
D10275 MIMH3#MICH D 275 10 MH3 JNRNo79.9559.95
D12250 MIMS2#MICH D 250 12 MS3 F JNRYes *75.0075.00
D12250 MIMH3#MICH D 250 12 MH3 F JNRYes *65.0049.95
D128010MIMS2#MICH D 80/100 12 MS3 JNRYes *95.0095.00
D128010MIMH3#MICH D 80/100 12 MH3 JNRNo89.0069.95
D146010MIMS2#MICH D 60/100 14 MS3 JNRYes *85.0085.00
D146010MIMH3#MICH D 60/100 14 MH3 JNRYes *89.0059.95
D149010MIMH3ST#MICH D 90/100 14 MH3 JNYes *99.0069.95
D149010MIMS2ST#MICH D 90/100 14 MS3 JNRYes *95.0095.00
D169010MIMH3ST#MICH D 90/100 16 MH3 JNRNo129.00109.00
D169010MIMS2ST#MICH D 90/100 16 MS3 JNRYes *125.00125.00
D177010MIMH3ST#MICH D 70/100 17 MH3 JNRYes *85.0064.95
D177010MIMS2ST#MICH D 70/100 17 MS3 JNNo85.0085.00
D197010MIMH3ST#MICH D 70/100 19 MH3 JNRYes *115.00105.00
D197010MIMS2ST#MICH D 70/100 19 MS3 JNRYes *115.00115.00