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Bridgestone M203 front and M204 rear Soft-Intermediate Dirt Tyres

M203 (Front)

Race proven front motocross tyre designed for soft to intermediate terrain. M203 (front) provides improved grip traction with directional pattern rotation to enhance stability and increased braking power

M204 (Rear)

Race proven rear motocross tyre designed for soft to intermediate terrain. M204 (rear) has tall tread blocks with shoulder steps and increased base angle radius for reliable stability and durability in a broad range of abusive soil conditions 

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Part #DescriptionAvailable OnlineRRPOur PriceOrder
12X80/100M204BRIDGESTONE 80/100x12 M204 MED/SOFTYes *59.0059.00
14X60/100M203BRIDGESTONE 60/100x14 M203 MED/SOFTYes *65.0065.00
14X90/100M204BRIDGESTONE 90/100x14 M204 MED/SOFTNo79.0079.00
16X90/100M204BRIDGESTONE 90/100x16 M204 MED/SOFTYes *109.01109.01
D177010BRM203B/STONE D 70/100 17 M203 MSFTYes *89.0089.00
18X100/100M204BRIDGESTONE 100/100x18 M204 MED/SOFTYes *119.00119.00
18X110/100M204Use part # 18X110/100X20RNo146.20146.20
D191009BRM204B/STONE D 100/90 19 M204No169.00169.00
D191109BRM204B/STONE D 110/90 19 M204No180.00180.00
19X120/80M204BRIDGESTONE 120/80x19 M204 MED/SOFTYes *149.00149.00
19X70/100M203BRIDGESTONE 70/100x19 M203 MED/SOFTNo89.0089.00
21X80/100M203use 21X80/100X20FNo127.43127.43
21X90/100M203BRIDGESTONE 90/100x21 M203 MED/SOFTYes *125.00125.00