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Dirt Guide Clean Machine - Biodegradable Bike Cleaner/Wash

The Dirt Guide Clean Machine (biodegradable motorcycle cleaner) is a commercial strength cleaner that can be used where degreasing and cleaning needs a biodegradable advantage.

Perfect for cleaning bikes and equipment, it's a breeze.

No frills, no fuss, just results.

Cut down time cleaning your bike by using Clean Machine.

Experience the cleaning power of D-Limonene.

The product can be used on all surfaces.

Application: Remove excess dirt on surface with a hose or clean with a water blaster. Spray the solution onto the surface, agitate with a brush and allow time for the forumulations to break down the soiling or contamination. Clean Machine should not be left on for more than 10 minutes - it is up to the user's discretion to test colour fastness of surfaces prior to use* (which is strongly advised). Once the cleaning has been done, rinse thoroughly with clean water. Can be used on all surfaces*.

Sold in one litre bottles which come with a spray nozzle or two litre bottles without a pump.

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