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Athena Fork & Dust Seals

Athena offers the most complete range of fork oil seal kits and dust seal kits.  The quality of Athena oil seals meets or exceeds OEM quality.

Check the resource downloads below for appplication catalogues.

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Part #DescriptionAvailable OnlineRRPOur PriceOrder
AZ1FORKSEAL5015FORK SEAL ATHENA 455015Yes *19.0019.00
GAF 455019PAIR FORK OIL SEALS XT125 32x44x10.5Yes *15.0015.00
GAF 455023PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 33x45x8/10.5Yes *19.9519.95
GAF 455024PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 33x45x11Yes *15.0015.00
GAF 455025PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 33x46x10.5Yes *15.0015.00
AZ1FORKSEAL5026FORK SEAL 455026Yes *18.4618.46
GAF 455028PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 34x46x10.5Yes *16.0016.00
GAF 455029PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 35x47x9.5/10Yes *15.0015.00
GAF 455031PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 35x48x10.5Yes *15.0015.00
GAF 455032PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 35x48x11Yes *16.0016.00
GAF 455034PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 36x46x7/9Yes *15.0015.00
GAF 455035PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 36x48x8/9.5Yes *15.0015.00
GAF 455036PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 36x48x10.5Yes *15.0015.00
AZ2GAF455037FORK OIL SEALS 36X48X11/12.5Yes *18.0018.00
GAF 455038PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 37x48x10.5/12Yes *18.0018.00
GAF 455039PAIR FORK OIL SEAL 37x48x12.5Yes *19.9519.95
GAF 455040PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 37x49x8/9.5Yes *15.0015.00
GAF 455042PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 37x50x11Yes *15.0015.00
AZ1FORKSEAL5042FORK SEAL 455042Yes *17.4417.44
GAF 455044PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 38x50x10.5Yes *15.0015.00
GAF 455045PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 38x52x11Yes *16.0016.00
GAF 455046PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 38.5x48x7Yes *17.9517.95
GAF 455047PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 39x51x8/10.5Yes *20.0020.00
AZ1FORKSEAL5048FORK OIL SEALS 455048Yes *15.0015.00
GAF 455049PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 40x52x8/10.5Yes *15.0015.00
GAF 455050PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 40x52x10/10.5Yes *15.0015.00
AZ2455051(OS)ATHENA F.SEALS 41x51x6Yes *18.0018.00
AZ2GAF455052PAIR FORK OIL SEAL 41X53X8/9.5Yes *19.0019.00
GAF 455053PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 41x53x10.5Yes *15.0015.00
GAF 455054PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 41x54x11Yes *17.0017.00
GAF 455055PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 43x54x9.5/10Yes *17.0017.00
GAF 455056PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 43x54x11Yes *15.0015.00
AZ1FORKSEAL5057FORK SEAL 455057 ATHENAYes *15.0015.00
AZ1FORKSEAL5058FORK OIL SEALS 43X55X10.5Yes *15.0015.00
GAF 455059PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 45x57x11Yes *25.0025.00
GAF 455060PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 46x58x10.5Yes *20.0020.00
GAF 455061PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 35x47x7.5/10Yes *29.0029.00
GAF 455062PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 35x47x7/9Yes *15.0015.00
GAF 455063PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 38x50x7/8Yes *15.0015.00
GAF 455064PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 41.7x55x10/10.5Yes *15.0015.00
GAF 455065PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 40x49.5x7/9.5Yes *29.0029.00
GAF 455066PAIR FORK OIL SEALS -32x42x8/9Yes *12.0012.00
GAF 455067PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 41.7x55x8/10Yes *15.0015.00
GAF 455069PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 45x58x8.5/11Yes *18.0018.00
GAF 455073PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 49x60x10Yes *29.0029.00
GAF 455076PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 47x58x10Yes *25.0025.00
GAF 455077PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 50x59.6/60x7/10.5Yes *25.0025.00
GAF 455078PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 50x63x11Yes *35.0035.00
GAF 455080PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 27x39x10.5Yes *15.0015.00
AZ1GAF455085ATHENA FORK SEALS 45X58X11Yes *39.0039.00
GAF 455086PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 46x58.1x9.5/11Yes *39.0039.00
GAF 455087PAIR FORK SEAL 40x52x9.5/10.5Yes *55.0055.00
GAF 455090PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 41x53.1x8/9.5Yes *45.0045.00
GAF 455094PAIR FORK DUST COVERS 45x57.3x6/13Yes *39.0039.00
GAF 455095PAIR FORK DUST COVERS 43x54.3x6/13Yes *39.0039.00
GAF 455096PAIR FORK DUST COVERS 47x58.3x6/10.5Yes *29.0029.00
GAF 455097PAIR FORK DUST COVERS 49x60.3x6/14Yes *45.0045.00
GAF 455098PAIR FORK DUST COVERS 43x55.5x4.7/14Yes *55.0055.00
GAF 455099PAIR FORK DUST COVERS 46x58.9x4.7/11.Yes *45.0045.00
GAF 455100PAIR FORK DUST COVERS 41x53.5x4.8/14Yes *55.0055.00
GAF 455101PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 43x52.7x9.5/10.3Yes *65.0065.00
GAF 455102PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 48x57.7x9.5/10.3Yes *65.0065.00
GAF 455120PAIR FORK DUST COVERS RM250 '03-04Yes *79.0079.00
GAF 455121PAIR FORK DUST COVERS CR125 '04 46x58.5x11Yes *79.0079.00
GAF 455122PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 47x58x10 CRF250/450 '04Yes *29.0029.00
GAF 455123PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 48x58.1x10.5 KX125/250 03-04Yes *39.0039.00
GAF 455125PAIR DUST COVERS 43x53.4 X5.8/11.8Yes *49.0049.00
GAF 455126PAIR DUST COVERS 48x58.4x5 KTM '03-04Yes *45.0045.00
GAF 455127PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 43x53x9.5 KTM 625/650Yes *55.0055.00
GAF 455128PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 48 x 58 x 9Yes *69.0069.00
GAF 455131PAIR FORK DUST COVERS 48x58.4 KX125/250 '03-04Yes *69.0069.00
GAF 455135PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 35x48x11 (was 455900)Yes *25.9525.95
GAF 455138PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 40x52.2x10/10.5 MOTO GUZZI V7 STONE '12Yes *29.0029.00
AZ1FORKSEAL4559FORK SEAL ATHENA 455139Yes *39.0039.00
GAF 455140PAIR FORK DUST COVERS 48x58.45x5.8/13 KTM 200Yes *55.0055.00
GAF 455141PAIR FORK OIL SEALS KTM200 06/7 48x57.9x11.5Yes *55.0055.00
GAF 455156PAIR FORK SEALS DUCATI 42x54x11Yes *20.0020.00
GAF 455159PAIR DOUBLE LIP FORK SEALS KAWASAKI 43x55x9.5Yes *25.0025.00
GAF 455160PAIR FORK SEALS SUZUKI 43 X 55 X 9.5/10.5Yes *25.0025.00
GAF 455163PAIR DOUBLE LIP FORK SEALS HONDA 45x57x11Yes *29.0029.00
GAF 455164PAIR DOUBLE LIP FORK SEALS KAWASAKI 46x5/x10.4Yes *25.0025.00
GAF 455165PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 41x53x8/10.5 replaced with GAF 455166No20.0020.00
GAF 455166PAIR DOUBLE LIP FORK SEALS 41x53x8/10.5Yes *25.0025.00
GAF 455167PAIR DOUBLE LIP FORK SEALS YAMAH 600 41x53x11Yes *25.0025.00
GAF 455172PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 30 x 39/43 x 11.6Yes *17.0017.00
GAF 455174PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 37 X 49.1 X 8/10.5 DOUBLE LIPYes *29.9529.95
GAF 455176PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 40x56.5/59x15Yes *45.0045.00
AZ1GAF455179ATHENA FOR SEALS 45X58.4X4.6Yes *49.0049.00
GAF 455183PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 41 X 52.2 X 11 DOUBLE LIPYes *35.0035.00
GAF 455187PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 36 X 49 X 8/10..5 DOUBLE LIPYes *20.4220.42
GAF 455188PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 32 X 44 X 10.5 DOUBLE LIPYes *12.0012.00
GAF 455189PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 40 x 52.5 x 4.6/14Yes *25.0025.00
GAF 455190PAIR FORK OIL SEALS 37 X 50 X 11 DOUBLE LIPYes *29.9529.95
GAF 455192PAIR FORK DUST SEALS BMW F800GSYes *20.0020.00
GAF 455194PAIR FORK OIL SEALS MOTO GUZZI 41.7X55X7.5/10Yes *49.0049.00
GAF 455195PAIR FORK OIL SEALS BMW K100 41.4 x 51 x 6Yes *69.0069.00
GAF 455196PAIR FORK OIL SEALS BMW R80 38.5 x 48 x 7Yes *39.0039.00
GAF 455200PAIR FORK OIL SEALS SUZUKI RMZ 250/450 2013 47 X 58 X 8.5/10Yes *19.9519.95
GAF 455201PAIR FORK DUST SEALS SUZUKI RMZ 250/450 2013 47.5X58.5X7.5/10Yes *25.0025.00
GAF 455900PAIR FORK OIL SEAL 35X48X11(use 455135)No35.0035.00
GAF 455901PAIR HARLEY FORK OIL SEAL 39X52X11 - use GAF 455048No39.0039.00