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Bridgestone Exedra Max - Touring/Cruiser tyre

Bridgestone's new Exedra Max is made for all the touring and cruiser riders who demand only the best out of their tires. This tire is specially designed to reduce rider fatigue and to cater to all tour type riding styles.

  • Specific compound to provide long mileage
  • Rubber compounds and tread pattern enhances water evacuation and both dry and wet grip
  • Belt package construction provides linear handling even for heavy bikes and 2-up riding
  •   Tubeless type

* Stock is not necessarily in store and may be located in the warehouse.
   Please contact us for in-store availability.

Part #DescriptionAvailable OnlineRRPOur PriceOrder
15X130/90EM1RBRIDGESTONE 130/90S15 EM1R ttYes *179.00179.00
15X140/90EM1RBRIDGESTONE 140/90H15 EM1R TL EXEDRA MAX BiasYes *229.00229.00
R151508BRM1RB/STONE R 150/80 15 EXEDRA MAYes *259.00259.00
15X150/90BEM1RBRIDGESTONE 150/90V15 EM1RZ TL EXEDRA MAXBiasYes *269.00269.00
R151608BREXEM1RB/STONE R 160/80 -15 EXE EM1RYes *259.00259.00
R151708BREM1RB/STONE R 170/80 15 EM1RYes *285.85285.85
R151807BREXEM1RB/STONE R 180/70-15 EXE EM1RYes *259.00259.00
R161309BREXEM1FB/STONE R 130/90-16 EXE EM1FYes *240.73240.73
16X150/80BEM1RBRIDGESTONE 150/80BH16 EM1R TL EXEDRA MAX BELTED BiasYes *269.00269.00
R161508BREA1FB/STONE R 150/80 -16 EA1FEXEDFYes *299.00299.00
16X150/80BEM1FBRIDGESTONE 150/80BH16 EM1F TL EXEDRA MAX BELTED BiasYes *239.00239.00
R161807BREA1RB/ST0NE R 180/70 16 EA1R EXEYes *329.00329.00
16X170/70BEM1RBRIDGESTONE 170/70B16 EM1R TL EXEDRA MAX BELTED (VN1700V)Yes *269.00269.00
16X200/60EA1RZBRIDGESTONE 200/60VR16 EA1RZ TL EXEDRA MAX RadialYes *369.00369.00
R162406BREA1RB/STONE R 240/55 16 EA1R EXEDYes *389.00389.00
R171209BREM1FB/STONE R 120/90 17 EM1FYes *219.00219.00
17X130/70EA1FBRIDGESTONE 130/70ZR17 EA1F TL EXEDRA MAX RadialYes *199.00199.00
R171706EA1RB/STONE 170/60ZR17 EA1R EXEDRAYes *347.27347.27
17X200/50EA1RBRIDGESTONE 200/50ZR17 EA1RZ TL EXEDRA MAX RadialNo379.00379.00
17X190/60EA1RBRIDGESTONE 190/60ZR17 EA1R TL EXEDRA MAX RadialYes *339.00339.00
18X120/70EA1FBRIDGESTONE 120/70ZR18 EA1F TL EXEDRA MAX RadialYes *209.00209.00
R181307BRGEA1FB/STONE 130/70ZR18 EA1F FYes *249.00249.00
19X100/90EM1FBRIDGESTONE 100/90H19 EM1F TL EXEDRA MAXYes *199.00199.00
19X110/90EM1FBRIDGESTONE 110/90H19 EM1F TL EXEDRA MAX BiasYes *219.01219.01
R191207BREA1FB/STONE R 120/70-19 EXEDRA FYes *219.00219.00
21X90/90EM1FBRIDGESTONE 90/90H21 EM1F EXEDRA MAX Bias TLYes *159.00159.00