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**Bel-Ray Lubricant Advisor link**

The Bel-Ray Lubricant Advisor (click here) is a simple-to-use tool designed to help you match the needs of each individual piece of equipment in your operation with the correct lubricant.

After answering a few simple questions, you will be able to view or print a detailed Lubricants Recommendation Chart for your equipment.

It gives you the capacity of oil required, intervals for checking and changing oils, along with their recommendations for each model bike/quad/scooter/moped and even marine.

How to read and understand API and JASO ratings can be found here

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Part #DescriptionAvailable OnlineRRPOur PriceOrder
BR-99010-B1LWBelRay 2T Mineral Engine 1LtYes *16.9516.95
BR-99433-DRBelRay MC-4T Mineral 10W40 208No1895.001895.00
BR-99340-B1LWBelRay HighPef ForkOil 20W 1LtYes *29.9529.95
BR-99320-B1LWBelRay HighPef ForkOil 10W 1LtYes *29.9529.95
BR-99280-B1LWBelRay H1R FSynEst 1LtrYes *49.9549.95
BR-99160-B4LWBelRay EXS FSynEst 10W50 4LtrYes *149.00125.00
BR-99010-CTTP20#BelRay 2T Mineral oil 20L 2stNo269.00269.00
BR-99540-TB16WBelRay WP Grease TubYes *19.9519.95
BR-99236-PWGEAR SAVER SYN HYP G/O 75W-90No449.00449.00
BR-99238-B1LWGEAR SAVER SYN HYP G/O 75W-140No49.9549.95
BR-99238-PWGEAR SAVER SYN HYP G/O 75W-140No449.00449.00
BR-99131-B1LWEXP SYN EST BLD 4T E/O 20W-50Yes *25.9525.95
BR-96915-BT1QBBelRay VTwin Syn 10W50Yes *39.9539.95
BR-96910-BT4BelRay V-Twin Semi-Syn 20W50 4Yes *79.9579.95
BR-96910-BT1QBBelRay V-Twin Semi-syn 20/50Yes *26.9526.95
BR-99551-B1LWBelRay ThumpWorks 4T 10W-60 1LYes *39.9539.95
BR-99550-B1LWBelRay ThumpWorks 4T 10W-50 1LYes *44.9544.95
BR-99530-B4LWBelRay Thump SynEst 15w50 4LtrYes *84.9584.95
BR-99530-B1LWBelRay Thump SynEst 15W50 1LtrYes *26.9526.95
BR-99520-B1LWBelRay Thump SynEst 10W40 1LtrYes *26.9526.95
BR-99470-A175WBelRay SuperClean Chain S 175mYes *18.9518.95
BR-99470-A400WBelRay SuperClean Chain L 400mYes *29.9529.95
BR-96925-BT1QBBelRay Sport Trans FluidYes *25.9525.95
BR-99460-B1LWBelRay SL-2 SemiSyn 1LtrYes *24.9524.95
BR-99450-B355WBelRay Sil Dot5 BrakeFluid 355Yes *29.9529.95
BR-99440-B1LWBelRay Si-7 Full Syn 1LtrYes *34.9534.95
BR-96920-BT1QBBelRay Primary ChaincaseYes *25.9525.95
BR-99401-BT1LABelRay MC-4T Mineral 10W40 1LYes *15.9515.95
BR-99370-PWBelRay HVI Suspension 5W 20LNo459.00459.00
BR-99390-PABelRay HVI Suspension 15W 20LNo459.00459.00
BR-99380-B1LWBelRay HVI Suspension 10W 1LtrYes *39.9539.95
BR-99310-B1LWBelRay HighPef ForkOil 7W 1LtrYes *29.9529.95
BR-99350-B1LWBelRay HighPef ForkOil 30W 1LtYes *29.9529.95
BR-99330-B1LWBelRay HighPef ForkOil 15W 1LtYes *29.9529.95
BR-99250-KTWBelRay Gearsaver Trans 80W 60No1089.001089.00
BR-99240-B1LWBelRay Gearsaver Trans 75W 1LtYes *24.9524.95
BR-99234-B1LWBelRay Gearsaver Hypoid 85W140Yes *26.9526.95
BR-99234-PWBelRay Gearsaver Hypoid 85w14No349.00349.00
BR-99230-PWBelRay Gear Saver 80w-90 20LNo215.00215.00
BR-99200-A400WBelRay Foam Filter Spray OilYes *21.9521.95
BR-99170-A400WBelRay Fibre Filter Spray 400mYes *19.9519.95
BR-99160-B1LWBelRay EXS FSynEst 10W50 1LtrYes *39.9539.95
BR-99130-B4LWBelRay EXP SynEst 15W50 4LtrYes *79.9579.95
BR-99130-DTWBelRay EXP SynEst 15W50 208LNo2895.002895.00
BR-99120-B4LWBelRay EXP SynEst 10W40 4LtrYes *79.9579.95
BR-99120-DTWBelRay EXP SynEst 10W40 208LtYes *2999.002999.00
BR-99120-B1LWBelRay EXP SynEst 10W40 1LtrYes *25.9525.95
BR-99100-B4LWBelRay EXL 20W50 4T 4LtrYes *64.9564.95
BR-99100-DTWBelRay EXL 20W50 4T 208LtrNo2195.002195.00
BR-99100-B1LWBelRay EXL 20W50 4T 1LtrYes *19.9519.95
BR-99090-DTWBelRay EXL 10W40 208LtrNo2195.002195.00
BR-90040BEL-RAY DECAL, TRUCKNo5.955.95
BR-96900-BT1QBBelRay Big Twin Trans OilYes *26.9526.95
BR-56720-P5BelRay Bakery Lube RegularNo393.30388.48
BR-JL9114BelRay Alloy Oil pump 60-209No89.0089.00
BR-12300-P5BelRay 6n1 PailNo399.00399.00
BR-99700-BT4#BelRay Marine Bio 2T EO 4LYes *179.0090.00
BR-99700-BT1#BelRay Marine Bio 2T EO 1LYes *49.9525.00
BR-99730-BT1#BelRay Marine 4T Mineral 25W4Yes *15.958.00
BR-99730-BT4#BelRay Marine 4T Mineral 25W4Yes *49.9525.00
BR-96905-BT4BelRay VTwin Motor 20W50 4LYes *59.9559.95
BR-96905-BT1QBBelRay VTwin Motor 20W50 1LYes *19.9519.95
BR-99550-B4LWBelRay ThumpWorks 10W-50 4LtrYes *159.00135.00
BR-99520-B4LWBelRay Thump SynEst 10W40 4LtrYes *84.9584.95
BR-99510-B1LWBelRay Thump GearSaver 80W85 1Yes *24.9524.95
BR-99480-B355WBelRay Super Dot4 BrakeFluid 3Yes *24.9524.95
BR-302224150017BelRay Prem Uni Trctr Flu 18.9No139.00139.00
BR-99410-B1LWBelRay MotoChill RaceCool 1LtrNo24.9524.95
BR-77010-CC14BelRay Molylube Semi Open GearNo289.00289.00
BR-99435-DRBelRay MC-4T Mineral 20W50 208No1895.001895.00
BR-302334150007BelRay HD Diesel oil 15W40 208No1995.001995.00
BR-302334150195BelRay HD Diesel Oil 15W40 3.8No49.9549.95
BR-302431150190BelRay HiTac Bar/Chain Oil 6/1No39.9539.95
BR-99300-B1LWBelRay HighPef ForkOil 5W 1LtrYes *29.9529.95
BR-61580-DRBelRay hd diesel eng oil 15W4No2695.002695.00
BR-99250-B1LWBelRay Gearsaver Trans 80W 1LtYes *26.9526.95
BR-99230-B1LWBelray Gear Saver Hypoid 80w90Yes *26.9526.95
BR-99190-B1LWBelRay Foam Filter Oil 1LtrYes *34.9534.95
BR-99180-A400WBelRay Foam Filter Clean 400mYes *17.9517.95
BR-99161-B4LWBelRay EXS SynEst 10W40 4LtrYes *149.00149.00
BR-99161-B1LWBelRay EXS SynEst 10W40 1LtrYes *39.9539.95
BR-99130-B1LWBelRay EXP SynEst 15W50 1LtrYes *25.9525.95
BR-99120-KTWBelRay EXP SynEst 10W40 60LtrNo999.00999.00
BR-99090-B4LWBelRay EXL 10W40 4LtrYes *59.9559.95
BR-99090-B1LWBelRay EXL 10W40 1LtrYes *19.9519.95
BR-301107150033BelRay BRX SB 5W30 22.7LNo199.00199.00
BR-302220150007BelRay BRX Elite Full Syn 5W30No1995.001995.00
BR-302220150115BelRay BRX Elite Full Syn 5W30No15.9515.95
BR-99060-A400WBelRay BlueTac Chain LYes *25.9525.95
BR-99020-A400WBelRay 6 in 1 LrgYes *19.9519.95
BR-90882BELRAY 2016 DISPLAY STANDNo699.00699.00
BR-62560-P5#Bel-Ray No-Tox Coolant C/tratNo649.00649.00
BR-99100-KTW#BelRay EXL 20W50 4T 60LtrNo799.00799.00