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Champion Oil Filters

So Why Choose Champion?
Champion filters are precision engineered to match or exceed OE standards. They are made from the highest quality materials and manufactured to exacting standards ensuring virtually zero defects. On road (and off) they deliver maximum performance with unrivalled protection. Fitting a cheap brand can be false economy when considering the cost of customer returns and potential damage caused – an oil filter looks after the blood of an engine.
Advantages Of Choosing Champion:
Extended Life: Independent tests (ISO4548 for oil and ISO5011 for air) have shown Champion filters outperform the competition and we guarantee quality across our entire motorcycle filter program.

Superior Performance: Our filter paper is unique and impregnated with resin that removes even the most damaging contaminants from oil. Pleated, cured and mechanically joined to guarantee 100% filtration.

  • Impregnated with sophisticated fibres ensuring rigidity, good tensile and burst strength
  • Layers of fibres integrated across each other give the paper depth and structure
  • Filter paper not only traps particles on the surface but also locks particles inside the media
  • High grade paper allows far fewer particles through to the engine

Reliability With MAXIMUM Engine Protection

  • Champion filters will trap contaminants preventing them from reaching and damaging any essential engine part without restricting the flow of oil or air
  • They are made from the highest quality materials and all metal components are treated to prevent oxidation
  • On-going quality control procedures including lab tests to ISO4548 & ISC5011
  • Independent tests have shown that Champion oil filters can withstand extremely high pressure peaks of up to 22 bar without leaking
  • Champion filters can withstand extreme functional or mechanical stresses that occur during a vehicles normal operating life
  • Guaranteed optimum operating and safety conditions for the entire filter life cycle once fitted
  • All champion oil filters are fitted with the key, valuable features associated with a premium quality product.


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Part #DescriptionAvailable OnlineRRPOur PriceOrder
CH-C307/301OIL FILTER H/D CHROME LNG HF17Yes *49.9549.95
CH-F301/301OIL FILTER HF191Yes *19.9519.95
CH-F307/301OIL FILTER YAM HF147Yes *19.9519.95
CH-X310/301OIL FILTER KAWA HF123Yes *11.9511.95
CH-X311/301OIL FILTER YAMAHA HF146 COF046Yes *13.9513.95
CH-X313/301OIL FILTER YAM HF143 COF043Yes *19.9519.95
CH-X314/301OIL FILTER KAW 16099-002 HF126Yes *13.9513.95
CH-X316/301OIL FILTER BMW TWINYes *24.9524.95
CH-X323/301OIL FILTER SUZ HF133 16500-458Yes *11.9511.95
CH-X325/301OIL FILTER HF185 CH-COF085Yes *11.9511.95
CH-X340/301OIL FILTER KTM V-TWIN HF158Yes *15.9515.95
CH-X348/301OIL FILTER YAM HF142 YFM350/40Yes *34.9534.95