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DRC Chrome Moly Wide Footpegs

  • Durable steel wide foot pegs.
  • Made of chromium molybdenum steel for extreme durability.
  • 50mm step width provides better grip and control. 
  • Mid (Stock step height), High (5mm higher than stock peg position) and Low (5mm lower than stock peg position) are available for rider's body type or use.
  • Black chrome plate coating finish for less corrosion.
  • Optional peg spring is required for WR250R/X
  • Wide foot peg spring 2pcs (YZ/WR250F/450F 06-, YZ125/250 06-) - DF-D48-02-006

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Part #DescriptionAvailable OnlineRRPOur PriceOrder
DF-D48-02-406DRC WIDE FTPEG LOW YZ/WR250F/Yes *79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-408DRC WIDE FTPEG LOW HONDNo79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-410DRC WIDE FTPEG LOW KTMNo79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-508DRC WIDE FTPEG MID HONNo79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-420DRC WIDE FTPEG LOW SUZNo79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-431DRC WIDE FTPEG LOW KAWNo79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-481DRC WIDE FTPEG LOW HUSQYes *79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-482DRC WIDE FTPEG LOW KTMYes *79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-503DRC WIDE FTPEG MID HONYes *79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-504DRC WIDE FTPEG MID RMZNo79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-506DRC WIDE FTPEG MID YZ/WR250FYes *79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-507DRC WIDE FTPEG MID KLX/DR650No79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-510DRC WIDE FTPEG MID KTMYes *79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-520DRC WIDE FTPEG MID RMZNo79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-521DRC WIDE FTPEG MID SUZNo79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-522DRC WIDE FTPEG MID KAWNo79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-523DRC WIDE FTPEG MID KX65'00/20No79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-524DRC WIDE FTPGS MID HONNo79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-526DRC WIDE FTPEG MID KDXYes *79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-531DRC WIDE FTPEG MID KAWNo79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-532DRC WIDE FTPEG MID HON CR125/No79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-551DRC WIDE FTPEG MID KAW/SUNo79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-561DRC WIDE FTPEG MID RM85Yes *79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-581DRC WIDE FTPEG MID HUSQYes *79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-582DRC WIDE FTPEG LOW KTM SX 16Yes *79.9679.96
DF-D48-02-606DRC WIDE FTPEG HIGH YAM YZF/WRYes *79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-610DRC WIDE FTPEG HIGH KTMYes *79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-631DRC WIDE FTPEG HIGH KXFNo79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-632DRC WIDE FTPG HIGH HON CR125/Yes *79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-682DRC WIDE FTPEG KTM250 SX/F 16-Yes *79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-537DRC WIDE FTPEG MID WR250R/XNo79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-533DRC WIDE FTPEG MID CRF125FNo79.9579.95
DF-D48-02-545DRC WIDE FOOTPG CRMO MID CT125No89.9589.95