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DRC Ultra Wide Footpeg

The DRC ultra wide foot peg is 57mm wide and provides better footpeg traction and control.

The DRC footpeg is 50mm, this new ultra wide footpeg width is 57mm, wider than recent Yamaha OE 55mm foot pegs.

Made of durable steel, the wider footpeg provides better foot traction and control.

Available for recent MX/ED models, including KTM 2016 footpegs.

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Part #DescriptionAvailable OnlineRRPOur PriceOrder
DF-D48-02-806DRC U-WIDE FTPG CRMO YZ/WR250No99.9599.95
DF-D48-02-810DRC U-WIDE FTPG CRMO KTM 125-No99.9599.95
DF-D48-02-820DRC U-WIDE FTPG CRMO RMZ250/45No99.9599.95
DF-D48-02-831DRC U-WIDE FTPG CRMO KX250F/45Yes *99.9599.95
DF-D48-02-832DRC U-WIDE FTPG CRMO CRF250/L/Yes *99.9599.95
DF-D48-02-834DRC U-WIDE FOOT PEGS CRF1000LYes *149.00149.00
DF-D48-02-882DRC U-WIDE FTPG CRMO KTM SX/SXYes *99.9599.95