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BRAKING End-of-line items

We have a number of Braking items which are end-of-line, so once these are gone, they're gone. Most brake pads we only have one set of, so if you need two or more, it will pay to check with us about availability.

To find what brake pads and discs, etc fit your quad/atv, click here


WAVE DISKS: BRAKING have invented the WAVE disc and, in doing so, have revolutionised the concept of braking. Thanks to several studies regarding deformation of metallic material and heat dissipation, BRAKING have increased the limit of the performance of stainless steel discs. Today a lot of teams use the Wave disks for racing, the same disks that are sold by our dealers.
All the BRAKING discs are made from stainless steel with a high percentage of carbon that has a high friction coefficient. The round discs, front and rear, keep the same measurements of the OEM disks, with more performance.
Braking wave discs are available fixed or floating in accordance with the OEM or update to the OEM oversize.
The floating discs of the STX series have the carriers made of black oxidized aluminium. The wave disks are available for (the) most of the bikes sold from the nineties in street category, off-road and scooter.


  • More friction coefficient
  • Better resistance to the heat
  • More initial braking power
  • More feeling on the lever
  • Better handling
  • Less weight


BRAKING have a large range of pads dedicated for every kind of motorcycle. Our pads are available in several compounds created for every type of use.

  • SM1: Semimetallic compound. Applications: touring, off road for dry conditions, scooter, road use
  • CM33: Sintered compound for sports use. Applications: scooter
  • CM44: Sintered compound for sport off road use. Applications: MX, enduro and big enduro for street use
  • CM55: Sintered compound for sport use, street, track for sport. Applications: street bikes, sport bikes, big scooters and supermoto
  • CM66: Semimetallic compound for racing. Applications: street bikes, sport bikes and supermoto
  • CM77: Sintered compound for front cruisers



* Stock is not necessarily in store and may be located in the warehouse.
   Please contact us for in-store availability.

Part #DescriptionAvailable OnlineRRPOur PriceOrder
BK-668CM88#Braking Disc PadYes *64.9564.95
BK-679SM1#Braking Disc PadYes *44.9544.95
BK-683SM15#Braking Disc PadYes *34.9534.95
BK-685SM15#Braking Disc PadYes *39.9539.95
BK-687SM1#Braking Disc PadYes *39.9539.95
BK-687SM15#Braking Disc PadYes *34.9534.95
BK-688SM15#Braking Disc PadYes *39.9539.95
BK-689SM15#Braking Disc Pad =FDB437Yes *44.9544.95
BK-692SM1#BRAKING DISC PADYes *39.9539.95
BK-699SM15#Braking Disc PadYes *39.9539.95
BK-700CM44#Braking Disc PadYes *49.9549.95
BK-700SM1#Braking Disc PadYes *39.9539.95
BK-702CM44#Braking Disc PadYes *49.9549.95
BK-702SM1#Braking Disc PadYes *49.9549.95
BK-704SM15#Braking Disc Pad =FDB462Yes *39.9539.95
BK-705SM15#Braking Disc Pad =FDB453Yes *34.9534.95
BK-709SM15#Braking Disc Pad =FDB606Yes *49.9549.95
BK-717SM15#Braking Disc PadYes *39.9539.95
BK-718SM15#Braking Disc PadYes *39.9539.95
BK-722SM1#Braking Disc PadYes *34.9534.95
BK-725SM15#Braking Disc PadYes *39.9539.95
BK-729SM15#Braking Disc Pad =FDB666Yes *39.9539.95
BK-735SM15#Braking Disc Pad =FDB591Yes *39.9539.95
BK-736SM15#Braking Disc Pad =FDB561Yes *39.9539.95
BK-739SM15#Braking Disc PadYes *44.9544.95
BK-748SM15#Braking Disc Pad =FDB664PYes *39.9539.95
BK-749SM15#Braking Disc PadYes *39.9539.95
BK-765KC6#Braking Disc PadYes *79.9579.95
BK-776CM66#BRAKE PADSYes *99.0099.00
BK-782SM1#Braking Disc Pad =FDB2048PYes *39.9539.95
BK-785SM15#Braking Disc Pad FDB2133Yes *39.9539.95
BK-797KC6#Braking Disc PadYes *59.9559.95
BK-797SM15#Braking Disc Pad =FDB2058No39.9539.95
BK-801CM55#Braking Disc PadYes *89.9589.95
BK-801SM1#Braking Disc PadYes *79.9579.95
BK-808SM1#BRAKING DISC PADYes *59.9559.95
BK-812CM44#Braking Disc Pad =FDB2080Yes *59.9559.95
BK-826SM15#Braking Disc Pad FDB2084Yes *59.9559.95
BK-827KC6#Braking Disc Pad FDB2079Yes *49.9549.95
BK-834CM55#Braking Disc PadYes *79.9579.95
BK-841SM15#Braking Disc PadYes *44.9544.95
BK-859SM15#Braking Disc PadYes *49.9549.95
BK-873CM44#Braking Disc PadYes *59.9559.95
BK-894CM44#Braking Disc PadYes *49.9549.95
BK-898CM55#Braking Disc PadYes *59.9559.95
BK-898CM66#BRAKING DISC PAD -RACEYes *199.00199.00
BK-909SM1#BRAKING DISC PADYes *59.9559.95
BK-BLD001#BLEED NIPPLEYes *7.312.92
BK-HO60RID#DISC RR WAVEYes *179.0071.60
BK-KW19RI#DISC RR STANDARDYes *269.00107.60
BK-MC1601#Radial M/Cyl 16mm boreYes *499.00199.60
BK-POW91#S/M Caliper Bracket 320mmYes *119.0047.60
BK-SZ37FID#DISC FR WAVEYes *259.00103.60