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Arai RX-7V Full Face Helmet - Rea - Gold

The Arai RX-7V is a motorcycle helmet to feast on. Maybe the Arai RX-7 GP gave you goosebumps; the improved version of the world famous helmet leaves you drooling.

With the RX-7V, Arai has put a true successor to the RX-7 GP in the market which has been improved in a number of points. Below we name the most important improvements:

  • The swivel point of the visor is moved 24 millimeters below the original location. The shield mechanism has become smaller and is located outside the area which Snell Research Foundation has named the most crucial point of the helmet. This aids to the strength of the outer shell.
  • The visor of the RX-7 GP was somewhat difficult to open and close due to the small grip. The RX-7V has a bigger grip, which eliminates this problem.
  • The air wing on top of the helmet helps to reduce hot air inside the helmet. It is 20 millimeters longer than its predecessor. This improves the airflow and aerodynamics at high speeds. Thanks to the new diffuser (Type 12) and the air intakes (IC Duct5) which are 19 percent bigger, the RX-7V has an improved air flow of 11 percent.
  • The new outer shell might look similar to its predecessor, but appearances are deceiving. It is a 30 grams lighter, thanks to a new type of resin used during the manufacture of the outer shell. Thanks to the displacement of the pivot mechanism of the visor, the mouth and chin have 3 millimeter extra space.
  • The lining is also addressed. By using different thicknesses of foam, the wearer can adjust the fit. The lining is easily adjustable and the wearer can adjust the fit to his or hers liking. The material is made of Eco Pure which is antibacterial and ensures a pH value equal to the skin.

The features of the Arai RX-7V are perhaps even more impressive than the differences with the RX-7 GP Arai which have been mentioned above.

The Arai RX-7V meets both ECE 22.05 and the SNELL M2010 certification. Where the ECE test indicates a minimum level of safety, the standard for SNELL pieces is much higher. Arai has long been known for its clear mission: to develop helmets which offer the best protection for its wearers. An important feature of the helmets is to distribute the impact forces during an impact. Arai believes that forces should not disappear in the helmet. The shape of the very round and smooth outer shell, called the R75 form, ensures the diversion and distribution of these forces. Arai helmets are tested much more extensive than is necessary for the American SNELL M2010 or the European ECE 22.05 tests. The helmets must undergo several mandatory testing, like for example during a vertical drop where the forces enter the helmet at one point. A perfect impact as this will not occur in everyday life. Arai, therefore test in many other ways, such as an impact wherein the point of impact changes, like in a real life accident. Here the round R75 outer shell shines. Arai uses data from a long range of real scenarios, not just controlled tests in test labs.

The super strong PB SNC2 shell. Extremely good ventilation to unprecedented comfort: Arai kept everything in mind. The shell is made of Super Fiber and other special synthetic fibers, which results in enormous tensile strength and flexibility. This material is used at several places in the F1 sport.

The diffuser in combination with the air wing ensures a better stability. The diffuser and the air intakes provide for a better air flow. The IC Duct5 air intakes are adjustable thanks to the three positions: closed, semi-closed and open. This also allows for the reduction of wind noise and reduction of water intrusion. In addition, this air intake provides 11% more airflow compared to the previous Delta Duct5. It also includes a greater switch to make opening and closing easier.

The VAS MAX Vision (MV) visor ensures better visibility in all seasons and in all types or riding. This visor comes standard with a clear anti-fog Pinlock which can be installed when needed. The VAS MV visor has a moving pivot point. This allows the visor to be opened and closed smoothly. Again, the pivot point is 24 millimeters lower than its predecessor. The side panel of the visor and the visor itself can easily be removed if needed.

The inner lining consists of a new and very comfortable Eco Pure material. The fit can be adjusted thanks to the adjustable parts of the lining on the sides of the head. The air vents next to the eyes are resized to provide improved airflow.

The new cover under the chin improves the egg shape of the helmet, which follows the shape of the head. It prevents the penetration of turbulent air under the chin and draws more air from the mouth area.

Behind the cheek pads in the inner lining is room left for speakers for a communication set. If desired, there may be an additional five millimeters space available if some parts of the cheek pieces are removed. More space is available for the mouth, giving a more open feel. The inner lining has an increased comfort to give the helmet a better fit, while the helmet is easier to put on and off. At the end of the release strap additional emergency release tabs are positioned for easier access for the medical staff in the case of an accident.

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