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Arai Axces 3 Full Face Helmet - Black Frost

The Arai Axces-III full face helmet features:

  1. Outer shell SFL (super fibre laminate) - This is the basic Arai outer shell. Super fibre provides more comfort than other shell materials, yet is still strong and lightweight
  2. Closable chin vent - The closable chin vent allows control of the flow of fresh cool air into the chin area
  3. Replaceable cheek pads - Arai's cheek pads are offered in different thicknesses, to make a more custom fit possible. They follow the jaw line perfectly, offering a better fit that keeps the helmet in position, even at higher speeds
  4. Hyper Ridge - The 'bumper' is a reinforcement band that circles the bottom of the shell adding strength and lowering the helmet's centre of gravity. Flares out for easier putting on and taking off
  5. Wide SAI vision - Super AdSis "I" visor offers the widest peripheral vision in the business for better performance.
  6. SuperAdSis LRS (Lever Release System) - Makes visor changes easy. Cleaning or replacing the shield in a matter of seconds
  7. Large operating knobs - Large buttons for convenient operation, even with gloves on
  8. Ventilation - One-piece rear vent increases the flow of hot and damp air out of the helmet. Front duct provides fresh and cool air around the top of the head. Closable chin vent controls the airflow to the chin area. Unique brow vents guide fresh air to the forehead area without the need for holes in the outer shell and impact absorbing liner


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